Alyssa Pyritz

To give us a sense of you as a designer, what is your major and why?

I am an intuitive weaver and enjoy creating textiles that are fibre conscious, sustainable, and textural by nature. It is a satisfying feeling knowing that you are constructing fabric purely by hand, which gives you a real sense of the maker. Weave holds a lot of substance and depth in the fabric, which I can appreciate through my experimentation of unique materials and yarns.


“If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too" or so says Dr Seuss. How do you get started on a new project?

I let my imagination and creativity run wild first before I start to look for inspiration. I want to come up with my own ideas before I am influenced by outside sources. I find it easier to have some sort of idea before I go searching through magazines, books and the internet. It is nice to have some initial direction, but we don't always have that luxury sometimes, so looking to the outside world is always great inspiration if ever stuck in a rut.


As designers, we never seem satisfied with the present and endlessly look to the next trend or idea. So, where to next for you?

I want to continue creating my own fabrics that have an application for interiors. I'd like my designs to have a longevity, to encourage a more sustainable way of life, but to also know that my fabrics have gone to a good home. I would also like to obtain more commercial experience to get a better knowledge base for the market.

Bricolage: Alyssa Pyritz