Lyndall Watson

To give us a sense of you as a designer, what is your major and why?

I'm a weaver, or a "weavling" as a friend once dubbed it (compared to "master weavers" of 40+ years). I love constructing things from the bare basics. Weave can be super technical, which fascinates me. You're solving problems in pattern, colour and actual physical construction all at once. And if you balance all these variables you can create something both clever and beautiful.


“If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too" or so says Dr Seuss. How do you get started on a new project?

I get really fidgety and stressed and my mind starts whirring, tending to critique an idea before I've even fully thought of it. The best way I start is to put pen to paper, jot little ideas out and document their flow as most of the time my projects are about the process and don't necessarily have an outcome. The beginning is a brain dump combined with messy research, that usually (hopefully) gets somewhere. The hard part is refining and defining - I'm great at vague intents...


As designers, we never seem satisfied with the present and endlessly look to the next trend or idea. So, where to next for you?

Split Enz's line "I don't know 'bout the future. That's all stuff and nonsense" always comes to mind whenever someone asks me where next. It's not because I'm full of fluff and can't hold anything down, I'm simply realistic about how much changes in a space of year - let alone five! So next is constant learning, more weaving, always drawing, a stable income and hopefully postgraduate study. When I've figure out what and where that will be, I'll let you know - promise.

Bricolage: Lyndall Watson