Nina Sepahpour

“If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too" or so says Dr Seuss. How do you get started on a new project?

I take a lot of photos, as a lot of my work is location based and mapping of ideas. Daily life and the simple moments, which are often unnoticed, play a key role in my work. I am inspired by where I live, what's happening around me and the patterns in society; I am constantly observing and absorbing inspiration from my urban environment.


Bricolage is about using and utilising what you find to hand. What tools or techniques do you find you can’t help coming back to?

I have always painted on wood and I work with a lot of acrylic paint and black ink. I love the freeness of painting and using black ink to create artwork that can be re-worked digitally. The computer is a vital tool for me and allows me to quickly generate ideas to find my direction. However, the initial hand development is what I find the most important and valuable. The crossovers of analogue and digital work always interest me.


Why textile design? (Or maybe by the end of the course, why not...!)

As a print major, I believe there is so much diversity and opportunity with textile design, which is not limited to fabric and this is what drew me in. It's great to not be confined to one medium and apply creative skills to so many areas in the market. I never feel restricted with textile design, despite such a specific title; the innovation and exploration that comes out of textiles is interesting and promising.

Bricolage: Nina Sepahpour